welcome to the Brackish Aquarium

I'm on a quest right now to "productionize" my lab. Things like getting everything on rails + uninterruptible power, proper cabling, adding 10Gbps networking, real enterprise flash, that sort of thing. I also really want to get utilisation up, to help with making the power bills hurt less and be worth it.

To that end I'm exploring two major initiatives now - running a Lotus miner for Filecoin mining (likely on testnet for now), and the Brackish Aquarium, named as a reference to its purpose - an experimental network of Bacalhau nodes to run jobs for the new distributed internet.

This is the first post of mine exploring that! We're gonna get started by writing an Ansible playbook and role for installing Bacalhau, then we'll split it out into a role and playbook and publish both under the MIT Licence. Should be a fun project.