Migrating away from Ghost(Pro) (#1) - forward looking statements

At some point recently I decided to migrate away from Ghost(Pro).

I've been using the service without issue for a year - a year where I had precious little time or energy to focus on hosting a blog, maintaining any sort of permanent infrastructure, or indeed on blogging at all. I wanted something I could set and forget.

$180 USD later, it was money well spent, but for $15 USD/month I can likely manage my own small infrastructure, ideally in my home lab, and accept the tradeoffs that come with that. Obviously there's the matter of responsiveness, but a text-heavy blog that rarely has any images on it can easily be served by the Cloudflare free plan. There's the matter of compute time, but I already run a Proxmox cluster at home, which is now "in production" as it serves DHCP and DNS for my home, for better or for worse. There's the matter of maintenance, but Kubernetes... oh, well, let's not go there. ;)

The bottom line is I can do exciting and experimental things with this blog, everything from exporting it to IPFS and hosting it on the permanent web, to playing around with the open source Ghost platform, or even migrating to something like Hugo. I haven't sketched out exactly what I want to do yet, but that's half the fun.

Currently I hope to get Ghost up and running in Kubernetes, which means getting Kubernetes going. Again, again, again. Home labs are the definition of change.