PLUG AV Hack Day 2022-04-24

Today I attended a hack session for Perth Linux Users Group, focusing on AV setup and networking.

Notes on things that have come up:

  • Backing up avmaster (Node #1), backing up some old PLUG footage. Initially tried copying over powerline ethernet, then we proposed sneakernet in ther form of a USB 3.0 hard drive, ultimately we settled on putting source and destination on one extra switch with a leg connected to the rest of the network.
  • Steven brought a Pi + router kit to experiment with for a self-hosting network, we tried our best to get it going - still working on that as we speak
  • PLUG's Pi + router kit didn't work on boot - suspect issues with the Telstra cable modem
  • Ordered 2x OpenWRT-based GL.iNet GL-MT1300 (Beryl) routers, one for each AV kit
  • James showed off the Pi prototype with AV capture, finished render of Benjamin Lupton's Dorothy talk, looks correct but waiting for sign-off
  • Will ingest data to Amazon Glacier for now - archiving old PLUG footage - but possibility to store 1TB of PLUG archival for approximately $10 per person per year on home labs - 1x copy @ Wings, 1x copy @ Michael, to be discussed
  • IPFS Cluster could be used to collaboratively pin set of Perth Linux Users Group videos, and the CIDs generated in the process used to pin to Estuary.Tech under the Riff banner.
  • Possibility of 150GiB of StorJ backups for prod data - backup encrypted - in addition to main backups